about this site


Unblotted.com is a blog published by the Nifty Prose Company, Ltd. Each post comprises three tabbed sections: a piece of copy taken directly from a corporate website; a discussion of what we think is wrong with it; and a proposed rewrite.

It goes without saying that the companies featured don’t employ us, and that their copy is reproduced without permission. In drawing attention to their lapses, we hope to encourage the businesses which comprise our core readership to take their written communications as seriously as they do their websites and their logo designs.

The Nifty Prose Company is a UK-based writing company which is home to the unique One-80 initiative and numbers Revacom in Germany, GTSC in the US and Planet 9 Energy in Ireland among its present and former clients. If you would like us to review your copy, have a look at the ‘Hire Us’ page.

And, if you’ve come across a piece of copy which you believe to be ripe for an appearance on this blog, drop us a line.


Unblotted wouldn’t be the same without Scott Smith’s elegant Decode theme, Qi Tech’s WebReader or the excellent Tabby and Sassy plug-ins. We’d also like to acknowledge our huge debt to Vincent Flanders, whose WebPagesThatSuck.com has delivered smug giggles for two decades (besides providing our original title).