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Angus Steakhouse is the original chain of steak restaurants based in central London’s West End and has been serving both Londoners and visitors alike for over half a century. Indeed, today, you will still find many Angus Steakhouses in the centre of London, serving delicious food to all who walk through its doors.

Angus Steakhouse has a long and proud heritage which stretches back to the 1960s when it could often be found in the Good Food Guide. Founded by Sir Reginald Eastwood, Angus Steakhouse aimed to deliver tender, quality steak and friendly, attentive service right from the start. And today, fifty years on, those values remain the same.

With over 50 years of heritage serving premium quality steak, each Angus Steakhouse also offers a traditional menu including fish, chicken and a variety of vegetarian sides. And at Angus, we are committed to providing high quality food to London and its visitors for years to come.

After 50 years, Angus Steakhouse has become a landmark in its own right. And we’re still where it all began, set in the heart of London and offering excellent food. Angus Steakhouse restaurants are the perfect place for dining in the West End.


Copy should be more than a way of filling odd spaces in a layout.

Here is an example of what happens when an important company statement is generated by a web designer in response to a prompt in a template.

The piece mentions the Angus chain’s 50-year history no fewer than three times in 200 words. (Four, if you count the ‘half a century’ which appears in para#1.) Unfortunately, it also manages to convey the impression that nothing has happened at the Steakhouses since 1970.

Our rewrite uses a few nuggets from Wikipedia to bring the story up to date. It’s a quick & dirty fix, but improves the piece significantly. If we were doing the work for real, we might interview company principals or access archive materials.


In 1961, Reg Eastwood was a man on a mission. He had a passion for good meat, he remembered the iconic chop-houses of pre-war London, and he’d seen the new American steak restaurants at first hand. Now he wanted to combine those influences to bring an entirely new eating experience to a city that was beginning to swing.

Reg’s first Aberdeen Steak House quickly became a Soho landmark. Diners came for the opulent d├ęcor, plate glass windows and red velour banquettes… but they came back, again and again, for the food. And, while Reg’s menus featured trendy dishes like prawn cocktail and black forest gateau, he always made sure that his team kept an eye on the basics: prime, tender steak (and plenty of it).

Reg was soon opening branches throughout central London, and earning plaudits from the food critics. He and his partner Thomas Beale floated their company in 1964, but Reg kept one hand on the tiller right up until 1984, when businessman Ali Salih took charge. Since 2003, the Angus flame has been tended by the Noble Organisation.

Still, our core values have never changed… no matter who’s running the show. We offer fish, chicken and even vegetarian options, but the Steakhouse menu is still built on cuts of beef that would have made Reg proud.

And we aim to keep rolling it out for years to come.

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