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Nothing less than the best

Having discerning class means never wasting a second on anything that’s less than exceptional. Appreciating the finer things in life means that when you find true quality, you treasure it.

For us, excellence has always come as standard. From day one we’ve used nothing but the finest tobacco. But even that didn’t stop us bettering our best. Still perfecting perfection, even after more than 140 years, our mission to bring you the best will never cease. Our class lasts.

Benson & Hedges is at your service.

Whatever your taste, we know it’s discerning. We understand your appreciation for the finer details. It’s this understanding that has guided every product we make.


Benson & Hedges Blue Dual Double Capsule

Introducing the latest addition to our Blue range, Dual Double Capsule.

Crafted with the same renowned quality blend of Virginia tobacco with two different menthol capsules in the filter, Blue Dual Double Capsule delivers the same Benson & Hedges Blue excellence with a variety of distinct smoking experiences in just one cigarette. An exceptional King Size cigarette at an affordable RRP. Available now. (NB Registration needed to view.)


Millennials who’ve grown up amid smoking bans and no-display rules are often surprised to learn that tobacco accounts were for decades the best gigs in advertising. Until the end of the last century, a handful of tobacco companies duked it out year after year for the privilege of servicing the country’s millions of nicotine addicts. Their rivalries exemplified the culture wars of late period capitalism at their most byzantine, and you didn’t need to be a smoker to appreciate the amazing Silk Cut, Lambert&Butler or Gold Blend campaigns.

But the past is a foreign country. It’s a very long time indeed since Benson&Hedges gave up its seat at the top table, and we feel no compunction at all about sticking it to the company’s present campaign.

The first indications that something is wrong arrive long before you access the website. The awkwardly redundant brandname Blue Dual Double Capsule would have been unthinkable a generation ago, and the creaky sign-up-to-view-all-our-content model urgently needs review.

But exhibit A is duff web copy, pure and simple. Consider the tautological second sentence of the first para, the two ‘even’ constructions in the second, the awkward shift from verb to gerund as ‘understand’ becomes ‘understanding’ in the third, and above all the revolting snobbery of that incomprehensible ‘discerning class’.

We rewrote the way a dentist makes her first approach to a bad case of caries: first drill away the rot, then make some gestures towards reconstruction. A full rebuild would involve consultation and multiple sessions.


B&H: The best and nothing less

We know you. We know your fondness for the exceptional. We know how you refuse to waste a second on anything less than the best, and how you value true quality whenever you encounter it.

We understand those feelings because we share them. Benson&Hedges’ present lineup is the expression of a quest for excellence. In 1880, we blended our first cigarettes using the finest tobaccos and papers then available. We continued to refine our blends and production techniques throughout the following decades. 140 years on, we’re still on a quest for perfection.

Given our shared passion for quality, we believe that there’s a cigarette in the Benson & Hedges lineup which is right for you. We invite you to explore our range and discover your perfect smoke.


Benson & Hedges Blue Dual Double Capsule King Size

Benson & Hedges’ innovative Blue Dual Double Capsule is the latest addition to our Blue range. It’s blended using the same renowned mix of Virginia tobaccos as its brandmates, but delivers distinctive flavour variations via a filter that’s equipped with two different menthol capsules. Blue Dual is an exceptional King Size cigarette at an affordable price. Available now.