Simplifying the consumer


Security Services and Technology

G4S operates an integrated security business in more than 90 countries across the globe.


The global security market has structural growth qualities and is highly fragmented; there are few international suppliers and our competitors are typically smaller local and regional companies. The security industry is seeing growing demand for technology-enabled and integrated security solutions (which combine people and technology) to deliver cost-effective security, especially in developed markets.

Our approach

Against the backdrop of growing demand, we design, market and deliver a wide range of security and related services and our global footprint provides valuable access to a highly-diversified customer base in markets around the world. Some traditional security markets are commoditised and significant price competition exists -– we aim to differentiate G4S by providing industry-leading security solutions that are innovative, reliable and efficient.

Our scale and focus on productivity support, our cost competitiveness and our sustained investment in professional staff, technology, software and systems enable us to provide innovative and reliable solutions for our customers on a stand-alone or integrated basis.

Our solutions




“The junk merchant doesn’t sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”

Burroughs is seldom quoted these days, and he certainly wasn’t the only 20th century writer to anatomize the increasingly byzantine encounter between capital and consumers via extended metaphors of pushers and junkies. Nevertheless, this week’s example evokes his works more strongly than those of his contemporaries.

It’s the impersonality of the text which brings the Naked Lunch author to mind. The copywriter has chosen to communicate G4S’s strategy in the most abstract terms, and in the complete absence of any details of customer engagement. (Incidentally, if you visit the G4S website, note the telling failure of the supposedly expository diagrams at the foot of the page to zoom.)

The subtext of all this is that the company has seen the light and potential users had better get with the program. It would have ol’ Invisible Bill nodding sagely.

Northcote Parkinson, another neglected sage from the mid-century, held that healthy institutions are naturally chaotic, and that perfect organization is a sign of imminent collapse. If so, G4S’s shareholders had better watch out.

Our rewrite is necessarily sketchy, but it shows how the messy business of customer engagement can bring inert copy back to life.


Security Services and Technology

G4S is active in 90 countries worldwide. Across all those territories, customers have learned to rely on us for the optimized deployment of people and technology.

The ongoing quest for cost-effective security is our stock-in-trade. Our global reach, our focus on productivity and our sustained investments in staff and technology make a dynamic combination.

It’s a formula for security solutions that are both innovative and reliable.