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When we’re not primping other people’s copy, we produce our own. The Nifty Prose Company has been in existence for nearly a decade, during which time we’ve churned out all sorts of writing for all sorts of people. If you’d like to join our list of satisfied clients, send us an e-mail.

We’ve traditionally made introductions via a One-80, a one-day/£180 writing and consultancy package undertaken with the intention of getting written communications out of a rut. Previous One-80s have involved:

  • Editing a 3,000-word website
  • Originating a corporate ‘tone-of-voice’ guide for in-house design teams
  • Developing a ‘Dilbert’-style cartoon strip
  • Writing a series of 600-word blog posts
  • Spoofing a ‘Photo Love’ story

Will Meister, who set up The Nifty Prose Company, maintains an extensive LinkedIN profile.