Isn’t it ironic?


Lenor Perfume Fabric Conditioner Mystery Parfum Des Secrets

Lenor “Parfum Des Secrets” is a new collection of sophisticated perfume fabric conditioner that feature alluring and enduring scents, designed to highlight the unforgettable appeal & irresistible, unique sensuality inside every one of us. The Mystery variant features an enveloping scent, sat on deep musk, complemented with a unique blend of fresh white flowers and a curious hint of sensual raspberry. An unexpected, enchanting scent bringing to life an inner charismatic aura, to start captivating the attention of the crowd.



One of the reasons you should pay attention to advertising is to observe the guileless intensity with which it cleaves to intellectual fashion. (Think of the facehugging creature in Alien (1979).) The insights which result will be salutary, if painful.

Imagine you’re a recent graduate who takes the rhetoric of inclusivity, safe spaces and anti-shaming at face value. You review the McCain/DDB ‘Here’s To Love’ campaign. You see diversity and inclusion co-opted as rhetorical devices for the sale of oven chips. You applaud, while shuddering inwardly. Did someone leave a door open, or did the world just get a little colder?

If you are that millennial, and you’re struggling with the commercial absorption of your ideology, you have our sympathy. Co-option by McCain is bad enough, but there’s worse to come.

You will see McCain’s borrowed rhetoric taken up by lesser imitators. You will see it re-deployed again and again, each time with less sensitivity and to less effect. Eventually you will see it reduced to cant, expressed without conviction and skimmed by readers and listeners intent on reaching that real meaning which it obscures.

Our convictions on this subject arise from our experience of previous ideologies. Products of the 70s and 80s, we called ourselves postmodernists, and irony was our watchword. Irony would enable us to engage untainted with a system of which we disapproved. Irony would disseminate that disapproval and win us converts.

To understand how the coin of irony has been debased, compare the text of this week’s example with its obvious antecedent, the Lentheric Just Musk advertisement (1978). Lentheric’s script deploys the clich├ęs of romantic fiction with hipster self-consciousness. 40 years on, Lenor’s copywriter seems to have lost even the awareness of whether or not she’s writing a parody. (The piece shows some confusion about brand identity, too.)

Our rewrite attempts to go back to the 70s but hey! no-one steps in the same river twice, right?


Lenor Enigma ‘Mystery’

Embody the mystery

Can there ever be an end to sensuality? Lenor Enigma fabric conditioners know the languages of your deepest self…

Enigma ‘Mystery’ conceals deep, musky appeal behind grace notes of innocent white blossom and autumnal hints of juicy raspberry.

‘Mystery’ is a captivating blend of purity and subterfuge. Keep ’em guessing…