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Electric intelligence

Discover EQ

EQ or Electric Intelligence by Mercedes-Benz is our electric mobility brand.

From appealing design, extraordinary driving pleasure, high levels of everyday suitability and maximum safety. EQ represents “emotion and intelligence”, two Mercedes-Benz brand values.

It comprises all essential aspects related to customer-focused electric mobility and goes beyond the vehicle itself.

Which is why we are flicking the switch: thanks to the product and technology brand EQ, we are not just looking at vehicles, we are expanding our offering to include specific products, services and innovations which go far beyond just driving. The way in which we travel, how we use energy, how we intuitively interact with our vehicles – all of that will change.

Drive Systems

Types of electric vehicles

To support the shift away from fossil fuel powered vehicles to more sustainable alternatives, our eMobility range is growing year on year with a range of choice in hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Learn more about them below […]


A consequence of globalization — and a recurring theme of this blog — is the growing prevalence of translation. As the share of our written communications that is taken up by translated copy increases, so too does its range of significations.

Those significations include: ethnic dude reaches out; hot startup eschews waste; wow! this media is demotic and other exciting variations. Sadly, as this week’s example demonstrates, the old favourite couldn’t be arsed also remains on the menu.

Among the howlers on display here: the values of the EQ sub-brand are inadequately distinguished from those of the parent brand; the articulation of that sub-branding is unclear (does eMobility=EQ?); the term ‘electric mobility’ implies ‘mobility scooter’ to UK audiences…

This blog is supposed to offer thought-provoking and subtle engagements, so it’s not much fun handing out the equivalent of a ‘could do better’ report card. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what’s required. If there are Unblotted equivalents in France, Italy or other EU nations, we’d love to know what their proprietors think of the localized versions.


What’s your EQ?

EQ is our abbreviation for electric intelligence. It’s the term we use at Mercedes-Benz to designate our electrically-powered and hybrid cars and vans.

Every vehicle in our EQ range combines appealing design, convenience and safety with excellent drive characteristics and impeccable ‘green’ credentials.

Right now, we’re expanding the EQ concept to express new visions of our means of travel, the uses we can make of energy, and the ways we may choose to interact with our machines.

Electric Drives

EQ’s momentum continues to build as Mercedes leads the migration from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives. Learn about the hybrid and plug-in vehicles which make up the 2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ range below […]