All your AI-powered suitcase are belong to us


Ovis: 1st AI-Powered Suitcase Following by Side
All Airlines Friendly | Auto Follow | TUMI’s Top Manufacturer | Charge On-The-Go | Anti-Lost Alarm

ForwardX Robotics
San Jose, United States
1 Campaign

$1,239,031 USD total funds raised
6124% funded on July 29, 2018


* TSA Approved, removable battery
* Built-in power bank keeps your phone fully-charged all the time
* Computer Vision algorithms enable Ovis automatically follow from side and avoid obstacles
* TUMI’s top manufacturing plant guarantees a durable, lightweight & waterproof quality
* Anti-lost alarm + location tracker doubles up the security
* One grab switch to traditional mode

Ovis by ForwardX is carrying your journey onto the next level.

Hello, Ovis
with the World’s 1st Vision-Powered Side-Follow Suitcase

By providing a true hands-free and worry-free travel experience, Ovis by ForwardX is tailored for travelers with modern-day conveniences. It integrates groundbreaking proprietary computer vision technology, Visual Simultaneous Location And Mapping (VSLAM), and artificial neural network algorithms developed by ForwardX, so that it can follow autonomously side-by-side of you.

“The Ovis smart luggage followed me around so well I might buy it.” – Tom’s Guide

“The ForwardX Ovis is the first smart suitcase custom-built to follow you.” – Digital Trends

“Considering the funding ForwardX has already secured $10 million and Chee’s pedigree, the company should be able to work things out.” – Forbes

“This groundbreaking ‘seeing’ suitcase is the ultimate carry-on sidekick.” – Maxim

Why Ovis is THE Suitcase for You
We Are Unique!

1. Side-Follow & Obstacle Avoidance
Everywhere you go, Ovis will follow by your side.

Through a series of complex algorithms, we have created an AI that not only “see” as we do, but also identify what it is seeing. What’s more, Ovis’ side-follow technology is far more advanced then rear following because of the requirement of prediction algorithms. With these state of the art algorithms, Ovis is able to easily stay by your side at all times so you don’t have to be constantly looking over your shoulder just to see your luggage.

The obstacle avoidance algorithm of Ovis is based on self-driving technology. This innovative technology is able to accurately sense and assess the environment, calculate the distance, and estimate the direction and route to avoid potential obstacles, with a deviation precision of +/- 1cm.

2. Removable Battery
TSA approved & All airlines friendly

The irremovable batteries can be a major headache for other smart suitcases. But not with Ovis, with the press of one button, you can pop out the battery, go through security and then pop it in and continue enjoying your hands-free luggage.

We Make Good Suitcases!

3. Large Interior Space
Optimized for a week of travel

Ovis’ large interior volume of 34L can easily hold enough items for a whole week trip. With durable yet lightweight material, Ovis makes your travel lite and smart.

4. Highly Durable, Light Weight
From TUMI’s Top Manufacturer

Follow you on all terrains

Highly Durable

Deciphering the concept of the unibody design, and cooperating with TUMI’s top manufacturer. Ovis provides you with the greatest efficiency and performance with the premium material that is both durable and lightweight. To ensure an extra protection, carbon fiber is used for the corners of Ovis’ wheels.

5. Omni-Directional Wheels Powered by Rear Drive

Clocking in at a speed of 3m/s (6.7 mph), Ovis’ revolutionary rear-wheel drive operates quieter and more swift than traditional wheels. Ovis is still a completely functional piece of luxury luggage even at zero percent battery. All four wheels will become omnidirectional, allowing a smooth roll on the ground and a buttery smooth luggage drag.

We Achieve Beyond A Traditional Suitcases!

6. Charge On-The-Go
Always keep your devices powered up.

The favorited feature of Ovis is its capability to charge any and all of your devices on the go. Free yourself from searching for outlets at the airport! With Ovis, you will always be prepared for your social media updates, your favorite TV show and your last bit of work before boarding.

7. Weight Sensor
With a simple sliding.

One of the most valuable features of Ovis is the ability to know how much your luggage weighs at any point so you never have to worry about being overweight for your carry-on. Ovis is able to track the weight in real-time by a system of complex mathematical equations relating to how hard the motor is working, and how far Ovis has traveled. This can simplify life beyond belief when you are packing so you don’t over-pack or worry about under-packing.

8. “Anti-Lost” Smart Alarm
Stay close. Impossible to lose.

We are always in constant worry with many “hands-free” devices get lost at any point, even though the system says it is steal-proof. With Ovis, this isn’t a worry due to the Anti-Lost Smart Band. The smart band will vibrate the second that your Ovis is more than 2 meters away from you. It also alerts the owner when the battery of Ovis is running low or when Ovis is experiencing other problems that might need tech support from us.

9. Easily Switch to Manual Mode
Just one grab.

By simply grabbing the handle, you cut all motor power and engage manual mode. This implies that you can drag the luggage at your wish. When Ovis is switched to manual mode, all four wheels become omnidirectional, allowing a smooth roll on the ground and a buttery smooth luggage drag.

10. GPS Location Tracking (Modular)
Always know where your Ovis is.

Fear of losing your luggage at the airport? Ovis get you covered. The constant GPS tracking module ensures that you will never lose track of your luggage again. Equipped with GPS and 3G technology, and presented as an individual, cut-resistant, modularized luggage tag, the location tracker of Ovis provides you with real-time monitoring and tracking of your belongings – anytime & anywhere.

* If you wish to purchase the GPS location tracker, please select the bundle perk which includes one Ovis and one GPS location tracker.
* We respect our user’s privacy. The information collected will only be kept locally on Ovis so that you can track your Ovis. However, the GPS info will not be uploaded to our server without your consent.

11. Full Featured APP
For managing and tracking your Ovis.

Make it simple! With the customized Ovis App, you’ll be able to track your Ovis, measure the weight of your belongings, monitor your Ovis’ battery life, all with just one click.

12. OTA Firmware Update
User experience constantly enhanced.

When you purchase Ovis by ForwardX, you get a product that’s constantly evolving with new and innovative features that enhance and excite the user experience, all through regular firmware updates.



One of the setpieces of William Gibson’s near-future ‘Bridge’ trilogy takes place in Container City, a gated mall at the San Francisco Piers. Having committed a $500 spend, the protagonist gains admittance to a dock complex where newly-arrived cargo ships have lowered deck-mounted escalators to the quays. His shopping expedition will involve boarding a vessel, entering a branded container, retrieving shrinkwrapped goods from racks, and scanning barcodes using a reader at the mall’s exit. The entire process has been designed to minimize his engagement both with human agents and with the material goods he is purchasing.

Alert readers have recognized Gibson’s preoccupations with artefacts and authenticity and located them in a political debate which exceeds the scope of this blog. However, we can observe in passing that one needn’t be a card-carrying Marxist or an old-fashioned nationalist to share Gibson’s regret at witnessing the means of production — factory economies, heavy plant, industrial design and manufacturing know-how — continue their eastward migration.

That sense of regret informs this week’s blog. By owning up to such feelings, we hope to dodge charges of racism which might otherwise follow attacks on the prose style of a non-native speaker. (Does a Chinese AI count as a non-native speaker? H’m.)

For those of you who couldn’t make sense of this week’s source text: Nicolas Chee, a former luminary at the U.S. software company Oracle, has moved to China and set up a company called ForwardX Robotics. ForwardX is using venture capital and crowdfunding to develop a self-propelled suitcase capable of recognizing its owner and following her through a crowded airport. Those campaigns have been a roaring success. It’s a near-cert that backers will receive their suitcases this side of Christmas, and that the Ovis will reach the market a little later.

It feels wrongheaded to pick at a campaign that has already exceeded its funding target by a factor of 60, but ForwardX’s copy remains inexcusably bad. In fact, it’s so awful that we believe it to be Chinese copy run through a translation algorithm.

Did ForwardX opt for machine translation to demonstrate its management nous and IT smarts? If so, the decision has backfired. AI translation has been thoroughly deglamourized by Google, and — Container City notwithstanding — marketers the world over will tell you that poor sales communications are counterproductive.

A rewrite like ours, which keeps close to the sense of the original while sorting out its many problems with vocabulary and syntax, would have cost ForwardX no more than a couple of hundred bucks.

Remember, kids — bad copy is a false economy, even for startups!



OVIS: The Suitcase That Stays By Your Side
Airline-Friendly | AI Smarts | Self-Powered | TUMI Build Quality | On-The-Go Charging | Anti-Theft Alarm | TSA-Approved

ForwardX Robotics
San Jose, United States
1 Campaign

$1,239,031 USD total funds raised
6124% funded on July 29, 2018


* A suitcase that sticks by your side… automatically
* AI smarts + total manoeuvrability = hassle-free travel
* Lo-o-o-ong four-hour battery life
* Built-in on-the-go power bank for all your devices
* Built-in anti-theft alarm with optional GPS tracking
* Durable, lightweight and waterproof
* TUMI build quality
* TSA-approved removable battery

Ovis: It’s like having your own robot porter!

Ovis is designed from the ground up to provide hands-free, hassle-free travel. Ovis combines the latest AI vision with proven motor technology to bring luggage firmly into the 21st century.

“The Ovis smart luggage followed me around so well I might buy it.” – Tom’s Guide

“The ForwardX Ovis is the first smart suitcase custom-built to follow you.” – Digital Trends

“Considering the funding ForwardX has already secured $10 million and Chee’s pedigree, the company should be able to work things out.” – Forbes

“This groundbreaking ‘seeing’ suitcase is the ultimate carry-on sidekick.” – Maxim

Why choose Ovis? 12 reasons!

1. At your side, anywhere you go
Ovis’ brain is an AI module that’s smart enough to keep tabs on you via facial recognition and other cues, even in a large, fast-moving crowd. The module applies state-of-the-art motion prediction algorithms and nifty effectors to keep it where it belongs… right by your side.

2. Powerful, agile, autonomous
With a maximum speed of 7mph, Ovis can keep up even when you’re running late. And its near-silent electric drive is quieter than a conventional wheeled suitcase.

3. Strong yet light
Ovis is rhino-tough but light in weight, thanks to monocoque construction that incorporates 21st century plastics and carbon fiber. And it’s built by TUMI. Need we say more?

4. All the space you could want…
Ovis offers 34l of interior space. That’s more than enough for a week on the road.

5. …and all the weight data you need
Tired of excess baggage charges? Thanks to Ovis’ built-in weight sensor, you can stop worrying about problems at the check-in desk.

6. Anti-theft alarm…
Ovis ships with a unique smart bracelet. If Ovis ever gets outside a two meter radius, the bracelet vibrates. Forget about your suitcase and focus on getting to the departure gate!

7. …and optional GPS
Need extra security? Ovis’ optional GPS/3G module provides real-time location tracking. We know you value your privacy, so we will never upload your tracking data without your consent.

8. On-the-go charging
Fed up with begging power outlets at the coffee bar? Us too! With its inbuilt charger, Ovis can power all of your devices on the go. You’ll always be prepared for your social media updates, your favorite TV shows, and those last few minutes of work before boarding.

9. Security-friendly battery
Many security regimes around the world follow TSA’s lead in disallowing scans of active devices, but Ovis is ahead of the game. Just press a button, pop out the battery, and whizz through security. Pop the battery back in when you’re done. You’re good to go.

10. No power? No problem!
With its powerful battery, Ovis gives you four hours’ operation. That’s easily enough for most business trips. Plus, the security bracelet will let you know when Ovis is running out of juice! But Ovis remains a functional piece of luggage even when it’s powered down, with omnidirectional wheels to ensure buttery smooth action.

11. There’s an Ovis app…
Use ForwardX’s customized app to track the location of your Ovis, keep tabs on its kerbside weight, and monitor its power level — all from your own smartphone.

12. …and automatic updates
When you buy Ovis, you buy into ForwardX’s future. Our regular firmware updates deliver new and innovative features. It’s easy to stay tuned!