A million dumplings



If it’s tasty dumplings you’re making, it has to be Atora! Since 1893 Atora has been recognised as a convenient, economical and reliable food, with a very good storage life.

Atora sells enough Suet every year to make one million dumplings a day and has been making it’s pure and long-lasting Suet since 1893.

In fact a tin of Atora was one of the supplies taken by Captain Scott on his historic trek to the Antarctic in the early 1900’s. It was returned to Atora many years later with the contents still pure and intact.

The name “Atora” was derived from the word toro, the Spanish word for bull, inspired by the fact that suet comes from beef cattle.

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The original Beef Suet comes from beef cattle and is made to the highest standards using only the finest ingredients to assure you of delicious results every time. Atora Vegetable Suet is made entirely from vegetable fats, contains no animal products and is ideal for vegetarians

Atora can trace its history back to 1893 when Gabriel Hugon set up the first-ever factory to manufacture shredded suet in Manchester, UK.


Premier Foods’ eyes are widely reckoned to be bigger than its stomach. Analysts point to its decade-long splurge, which culminated in the 2007 takeover of RHM and was followed in short order by a divestiture of high-ticket brands. This was the corporate version of trying to get through to God on the big white telephone, and its end result was supposed to have been a focussed, ‘groceries only’ business.

The firm’s recent balance sheets have looked positive enough. However, if you take the view that important clues to a company’s health can be gained from the way it chooses to communicate — its self-image, in other words — the picture seems less rosy.

A large proportion of the 20 or 30 offerings listed on Premier’s ‘Our brands’ page, including one-time high-flyers Lyons and Smash, are shunted into limbo in an ‘Other’ section. Among those entries deemed worthy of their own pages, a good half are linked straight through to incomplete placeholder texts.

And, in that minority of cases where actual copy has been uploaded, it tends to be listless, disorganized stuff like this week’s example. Note the awkward way that brand history has been moved out of the ‘Heritage’ section, the clanging possessive apostrophe in the second para, the greengrocer’s in #3, and the repetitions and unnecessary capitalization throughout. Every one is an indicator of bad repurposing.

Such slips may be unintentional, but they convey the impression that Premier views its surviving brands as nothing but a rump. Our rewrite considers both the local brand message and the company’s broader profile. We added the reference to recipes, but in fact a small compendium is to be found on the website.


What’s the secret of tasty dumplings… in one word? Atora!

Atora from Premier Foods is Britain’s best-selling suet. Our customers buy enough Atora to make a million dumplings every single day.

Atora arrived on the high street way back in 1893, when Gabriel Hugon set up his first factory in Manchester. Britain’s cooks quickly recognised Atora as a convenient, wholesome and economic ingredient, and it began turning up in all sorts of places.

Believe it or not, a tin of Atora was found among the supplies which had accompanied Captain Scott on his historic trek to the Antarctic. And, when it was returned to the factory many years later, its contents were found to be pure and intact — a tribute to Gabriel’s production methods.

Gabriel extracted his classic Atora from beef cattle. (In fact, he took his brandname from toro, the Spanish word for bull.) But now Atora has entered the twenty-first century with new Atora Vegetable Suet, made entirely from vegetable fats and suitable for vegetarians.

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