Sony Music is home to the most loved and commercially successful artists in the world.

In 1887, Columbia was formed – which, to this day, remains the oldest label in the history of the recording industry.

From there, Sony Music evolved, amassing the best in the business to create a world-class record label and industry leader. In the UK, labels such as Columbia, RCA, Syco, Commercial Group, Red Essential, Relentless, Black Butter, Ministry Of Sound and Insanity all make up the Sony Music family.

Sony Music is the home to the world’s greatest artists past and present such as Beyoncé, Foo Fighters, Little Mix, Harry Styles, Rag’n’Bone Man, Britney Spears, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Kasabian, Kings Of Leon, P!nk, John Legend, Camila Cabello, Meghan Trainor, Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, George Ezra, Craig David, DJ Khaled, Olly Murs, Paloma Faith, J Hus, The Chainsmokers, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Céline Dion, Barbra Streisand, Luther Vandross, Dolly Parton, AC/DC, Manic Street Preachers and The Clash.

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalogue that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

The Chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK is Jason Iley.


Thanks to streaming, some pundits believe the recording industry to be in less of a hole this year than last. Its plight, however, is still bad enough to be occasioning widespread schadenfreude. The record companies, creators of the means by which musical fashion is mediated, are themselves being outmoded by new media? Delicious irony!

If you’re among the unsympathetic majority, the industry’s websites aren’t going to change your mind. This week’s example happens to be from Sony, but we might just as well have chosen a text from Warner, Universal, or one of the major independents.

All their copy is the same: listless; part-realized; alternating half-hearted company histories with by-the-numbers puffs of their latest signings. It’s as if all the PR flacks and A&R men have tacitly agreed that signing an Izzy Bizu or Astroid Boys [sic] might somehow bring about a return to the longed-for conditions of the late 90s, so there’s no need to attempt anything new.

Our rewrite addresses problems with structure and syntax (para #2 of the original would make even Homer Simpson blush). It also sketches a tentative solution to the industry’s dilemma.

After all, pop’s instinct for autophagy shows no signs of abating, and the record companies are custodians of an unparalleled cultural archive. Isn’t it obvious what direction they should take?


The labels comprising the Sony Music family have always been home to the world’s most loved and commercially successful artists.

Our story began In 1887 with the formation of Columbia — the first-ever commercial record label, and the model for hundreds of successors. Those which have come to join us over the years include Arista, Fever, Epic, RCA and Windham Hill in the U.S.; Syco, Commercial Group, Relentless, Black Butter, Ministry Of Sound and Insanity in the UK; ECM and countless others worldwide.

Our vast catalogue includes many of the most important artists and recordings in music history. The decade-by-decade listing below is impressive enough, but — trust us on this — it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Justin Bieber
Miley Cyrus
Mark Ronson
Foo Fighters
Lady Gaga
Justin Timberlake
Manic Street Preachers
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears
Robbie Williams
Céline Dion
Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson
Luther Vandross
The Clash
Marvin Gaye
Simon & Garfunkel
Bruce Springsteen
The Beach Boys
Bob Dylan
Aretha Franklin
Dolly Parton
Barbra Streisand
Johnny Cash
Patti Page
Elvis Presley
Gene Autry
Bing Crosby
Tommy Dorsey
Coleman Hawkins
The Mills Brothers
Fred Astaire
Duke Ellington
Glenn Miller
Artie Shaw
Ethel Waters
Louis Armstrong
Al Jolson
Fats Waller
Paul Whiteman
American Quartet
Original Dixieland Jass Band
Peerless Quartet
Sophie Tucker
Arthur Collins
Harry MacDonough
Billy Murray