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InsurTech London – Startupbootcamp
We Help Turn Your New Venture into a High-Growth Business

Are you a high potential and driven early stage startup? Do you know how best to leverage the most relevant innovative technology advancements of today to drive value creation? Are you interested by property, vehicle, travel, health, life and pension as well as new or more complex forms of insurance?

Today, the insurance market is going through a massive transformation triggered by new customer demands and expectations, the ubiquity of digital technologies, permanent social engagements, and the need to innovate. It is easier and cheaper today to set up a lean business. And with current legacy constraints, no insurer can afford to ignore current market dynamics.

Startupbootcamp InsurTech is the first truly global insurance accelerator working alongside a large portfolio of leading insurance players to foster disruptive and collaborative insurance innovation from early stage startups. Each year, we select the 10 most promising insurance technology startups from around the world and help them grow.

As a startup, you get:

  • Direct access to a number of program partners that are committed to help your business succeed
  • Extensive support and advice from 100s of entrepreneurs, program alumni, and hand-picked mentors
  • Exposure to over 200 angel investors and venture capital firms that are part of the Startupbootcamp investor network as you enter the program
  • The ability to test and refine your proposition in a safe environment and employ the cutting-edge growth techniques used by the most successful startups in the world
  • Plus much more, including free office space in the heart of the City of London–walking distance from a large pool of renowned insurers–for 3 months and an additional month to help finalize things.

Startupbootcamp InsurTech’s three-month accelerator program harnesses years of cumulative experience to guide your company’s development through hands-on sessions, workshops, and masterclasses with some of the brightest business and expert minds within the digital economy. One of the core values we bring to you is our relationships with a network of 100s of practitioners located all around the world and supporting other programs within our portfolio.



Traditionally, B2B (yuk) copywriting has been less slick than the customer-facing stuff. If seller and vendor are already speaking the same language, surely it’s unnecessary to spend on communications?

While we’re all for saving money, the veracity of a sales message is not guaranteed simply by its having been left a little rough around the edges. Our more cynical readers might even consider the hectic syntax and dense jargon of this week’s text as an elaborate form of implied flattery.

After all, what wet-behind-the-ears dreamer wouldn’t want to believe that their creation is a ‘high potential and driven early stage startup’; that they ‘know how best to leverage the most relevant innovative technology advancements of today to drive value creation’; or that their outfit will be the one that delivers the next ‘disruptive and collaborative insurance innovation’?

In this respect, Startupbootcamp’s copy has much in common with those of the skateboard, mountainbike and guitar vendors who address audiences of adolescent wannabes in the abstruse technical vocabularies supposedly favoured by ‘the pros’.

Our version reworks their introductory paragraphs, suggesting ways the enterprise might be more upfront about its funding. Having been round the block ourselves a few times, we’d also remind any wannabes reading this that gaining a backer and shifting product are two quite different things.


InsurTech London – Startupbootcamp
Turning Your New Venture into a Real Business

Are you involved in an insurtech startup? If so, you should consider joining the dedicated program at StartupBootCamp.

Startupbootcamp InsurTech is the first truly global accelerator in its field, working with leading players from the world of insurance to foster new and innovative businesses.

Our method is simple. Every year, we select 10 promising insurance technology startups from across the world, taking a 6–8% equity stake in their futures.