Put a filibuster on your wrist


The Invincible Military SmartWatch Every Guy in the UK is Talking About…

Breakthrough Technology

Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a smartwatch and you can’t even leave home with our worrying that it will break or get damaged. Well, that is not the case anymore thanks to this military inspired smartwatch. T-watch is a breakthrough in the SmartWatch genre and is the ultimate smartwatch for every man.

Imagine a SmartWatch that will survive even the toughest adventures.

SmartWatches are more popular than ever, and everyone now seems to see the great benefits of owning one:

  • Keep track on your health and heart rate
  • See incoming calls and receive messages
  • Get social media notifications
  • Track your steps and calories burned
  • Call an Uber or cab
  • Remote camera control
  • GPS tracking
  • Even function as a hotel room key!
  • And much more..

So what’s the catch? Beside the expensive prices, they are extremely fragile.

Since they are completely unprotected and ment to be worn all day, it’s just a matter of time before you manage to break or damage it, especially if you live an active lifestyle.

Repairing a SmartWatch is not cheap due to it’s small and fragile screen.

So even if you save up money to buy one, you now have to be prepared to spend even more money on costly repairs, or in worst case, even have to buy a new watch..

But this doesn’t need to be a problem anymore. T-Watch is using military technology and have created a SmartWatch that is close to indestructible (with nearly shatterproof glass) with a very masculine design.

What is T-Watch?
The design comes from a group of former military engineers who wanted a SmartWatch that could be worn in the field. In war, there is no room for mistakes and you obviously can’t risk having your watch breaking.

With their own experience and recently declassified military tech, they come up with a design for the ultimate SmartWatch to be worn even on the most intense mission.

In cooperation with a design team, they managed to create an indestructible and stylish SmartWatch.

But creating T-Watch would show to be more complicated than they expected.

Creating a functional SmartWatch is one thing, but to make it super tough and yet stylish is another..

Thanks to a team of American designers who specialised in military gear, they finally managed to come up with the design for what now is called T-watch.

They soon realised that this watch should not only be used by soldier, but would be the ultimate watch for any man to wear.

Investors all over the world wanted to invest in this revolutionary SmartWatch.

To find out what was so unique with T-watch we have to look closer on the details.

T-Watch is Nearly Indestructible
To make T-watch robust enough to be worn by soldiers, they used cutting edge materials:

  • Cutting Edge Diamond-like Carbon coating
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • 4th Generation Corning Gorilla Glass

Thanks to these high-tech materials and it’s masculine design, this is a SmartWatch not only for soldiers, but for every man in his everyday life.

But there is more..

Since this is a SmartWatch that was built for war, it’s not only super tough – it’s also chockproof, dustproof and waterproof!

That means, you can do the most extreme workouts and go on adventures without worrying about damaging your SmartWatch.

We are confident that T-Watch is the change the SmartWatch industry has been needing since its beginning.

Once you start using your T-Watch and experience the benefits from it, all other SmartWatches will look pathetic in comparison.

Is There a T-Watch For Women?
Unfortunately, no. Wo far T-watch has only been developed for men. Due to the high and tough quality, the size will not be suitable for most women to wear. However, most other SmartWatches on the market have a more feminine design, so the design of T-watch will be a fresh breath in the SmartWatch market.

T-Watch Syncs With Your Phone
A real SmartWatch must be able to sync it with your phone. T-Watch is no exception and works great with both iPhone and Android phone.

You no longer need a feminine and fragile SmartWatch to get these high-tech features. A more masculine looking SmartWatch has been wanted for a long time now from men all over the world. That is probably why many people now call T-Watch for the “Alpha Male” of SmartWatches.

There is no surprise that this is the watch any man should wear. It’s made for men, designed to be there for you everyday and in any adventure – while still looking stylish.

So, to sum it up..

Not only is T-watch near indestructible, it also has a slick yet masculine design and also syncs with your phone.

Instantly connect and sync your iPhone or Android.
Works with both Apple and Android phones.

Sounds Great, What’s the Price?
Most of you probably already know what price range SmartWatches are being sold in.

It’s not unusual to find the more popular one being sold for $400 or even more.

And to be honest, T-Watch could easily be sold for that price too.

With it’s super strong design and high-tech functions.

Military technology built this watch!

But even with all this in mind, the price of the T-Watch might surprise you.

While you most likely have to pay £200+ for a new SmartWatch (unless you want to buy some crap from china) the T-Watch can be yours today…

…for less than £70 + Free Shipping!
This is with the temporary 50% Discount (normal price is £137)

This is an AMAZING deal!

What Do Customers Say?
Below is some feedback from men all over the world that bought a T-Watch:

“This is my third, and cheapest, SmartWatch and by far the best one I ever tried. The battery lifetime is unbelievable and I thanks to it’s tough quality think it would survive a nuclear war..”– Liam from Birmingham, UK

“My first SmartWatch broke after 6 months of use. I would never go back to a “normal” SmartWatch after getting the T-Watch. It’s simply the best SmartWatch out there for anyone calling themselves a man” – Thomas from Liverpool, UK

“At first I had my doubts of the quality, since all SmartWatches have a tendency to break after a while, but the T-Watch did not let me down! It also syncs super fast with my smartphone” – Lewis from Newcastle, UK

Conclusion: Is T-Watch Worth It?
Is the T-Watch for you? If you are looking for a full-featured SmartWatch of the highest quality and masculine design – then T-Watch is for you. No matter if you use it in your everyday life or out on extreme adventures – you will be satisfied with T-Watch.

With the current price (and temporary 50% discount) it’s hard to argue against getting yours today.


  • Shock-Proof
  • Dust-Proof
  • Water-Proof
  • DLC Material used in the Aerospace Industry!
  • Gorilla Glass – Unscratchable Military Tech!
  • Sleek Military Design
  • Activity & Health Tracker
  • iOS & Android Syncing
  • 33+ Month Battery Life
  • Gravity Sensor
  • GPS

And much more…


  • No touchscreen (it would be too fragile)
  • Only made for men

Where Can I Get T-Watch?

If it’s still in stock you can order one from the official website.

UPDATE: T-Watch is now available with a 50% Discount!

Near Indestructible
Diamond-like Carbon Coating, Dust and Shock-Resistant, Waterproof, Unbreakable Gorilla Glass, Carbon Fiber Construction

Activity Tracker
100% Accurate Step Count, Calories, Total Daily Distance, Run Tracking, Visualize and Chart Your Progress

Works With Every Phone
Your watch will remind you about incoming calls, SMS, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and much more. You can also click on your watch to take photos on your phone!

33+ Month Battery Life
The battery lifetime is absolutely unbelievable, enough to withstand any catastrophe or emergency situation.



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Note to T-watch: a public equipped with Google and eBay is unlikely to be impressed by no-brand goods, no matter how exaggerated your claims may be.

Our version goes back to basics. This is actually a pretty good watch if you want something unbreakable for not much $$$. (Better make sure that you can hack WearOS, tho.)



The smartwatch you don’t have to worry about

T-watch combines the smart functions of WearOS with the rugged functionality of a contemporary military watch. Behind its toughened face is a sophisticated AndroidWear processor that syncs with your Android phone or iPhone to help you:

  • Track your heart rate
  • Count steps and calories
  • Identify incoming calls
  • Display your SMS messages
  • Receive social media notifications
  • Call an Uber or cab
  • Get GPS positioning updates

We built all these capabilities into a rugged case of carbon-coated stainless steel, topped off with a face of genuine Corning Gorilla Glass. It’s a combination that delivers state-of-the-art dust and shock protection and waterproofing.

Because we want to stay out of the way of your adventures, we made sure every T-watch delivers an amazing 33month battery life.

And then we slapped on a price tag designed to surprise you.

T-watch is yours for just £70.00 including shipping.